Savapark Avenue in Šabac

Lead Designer and Lead Architect: Milena Zindović

Designers: Marina Kleyweg, Jelena Simić (INNOVO LLC)

Realization: July 2019 – April 2020

Savapark Avenue is the first phase of realization of Savapark – a 300ha revitalization project of public waterfront of the river Sava in Šabac. The central part of the future Savapark is an already active area of the waterfront, next to the Šabac fortress, a monument of extraordinary importancce, and on the site of a former military complex.

Savapark Avenue is designed instead of a former narrow path that led from the King Alexander Street towards the Fortress, and is widened at the expense of surrounding areas, especially the former city landfill. Although the space was already used as a recreational area for the citizens of Šabac, it was in a neglected state, with the part of the path leading along the landfill fence, and the path itself being narrow and in poor condition, without any urban equipment.

With the realization of the project for Savapark avenue, a new direct pedestrian communication has been established between the city center and the Fortress. A two-way bike lane is introduced, the walkways are enlarged and three “squares” have been designed along the path – spaces of gathering, lingering and socializing. Along the path a variety of different ambiences is created, differing in materialization and equipment. Three new fountains were placed, adapted to needs of various users.

Existing greenery was completely kept, and new trees have been planted along the paths. Additionally, flowerbeds and other landscaping solutions have been introduced, in accordance with specific ambiances along the Avenue. The fence of the old landfill was removed, and the space planted with new trees in aim of its revitalization.

An old wooden bridge crossing the Kamičak channel was removed, and two new steel structure bridges constucted, with adequate width. Introducing two bridges allowed for the usage and reconstruction of the left side of the channel as well, where a completely new path has been constructed. The views towards the fortress and the channels have been emphasized by the placement of the bridges and new decking platforms along the paths.

The urban furniture and equipment is contemporary designed and varied, to allow different users to enjoy the new public space. The location of the parking was kept, but the pavement is replaced with a permeable pavement to allow rainwater to naturally drain into the underground. Pedestrians are prioritized and traffic slowed down with elevated pedestrian crossings at the beginning of the Avanue and in front of the bridges.

Photography: Djordje Djerić

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