Family house in Železnik

Author: Milena Zindović

Construction: 2019 –2020

Family house in Železnik was designed as a contemporary house in a traditional built environment, from which it architecturally differs due to its cubic form and flat roof.

Adhering to urban planning conditions on the location, a simple form of almost perfect proportions was generated, which was then broken with a simple architectural method – taking out two smaller shapes of equal volume to create the entrance canopy and the balcony on the first floor. Decomposition of the edges of the main façade created a basis for its further design. The windows are grouped into larger shapes of contrasting materialization, which together with the facade niches create the architectural features of the building. Proportions and rhytm of the facade allow for effective architecture despite the use of simple materials.

The functional layout of the interior space is in accordance with the client’s needs and the needs of an average size family. The division between the functional zones is vertical – living and auxiliary spaces are located in the ground floor, and bedrooms with two bathrooms are located on the first floor.  

Main facades of the house have a south-west and west orientation, allowing for natural light in living spaces throughout the day.

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