Serbian Embassy in Canberra

Authors: Riste Dobrijević and Milena Zindović

Competition proposal for the Embassy of Republic of Serbia in Canberra, Australia.

The design is based on program requirements and instructions given through the competition call for the conceptual design for construction f the complex of diplomatic and consular representative buildings for the Republic of Serbia in Canberra.

Complex consists of two buildings. The larger building which houses the embassy and consulat, is positioned in parallel with the street, with the consular part facing the Bill Crescent street. The smaller building is the Ambassador’s Residence, positioned in the back of the plot. The buildings are connected via a plaza with fountain, which can also host outside gatherings and receptions.  

The natural slop of the terrain is used to create a terraced landscaping solution and create a series of public, semi-public and private levels. The terrain thus consists of a series of plateaus, each with a characteristic function and connection with buildings.

Plateau in front of the consulat is elevated in relation to the entrance level and visible from the street, and therefore has the character of public and representative. The flagpoles are positioned here, as well as a seating area for consulat visitors. It allows views only to the front facade of the Embassy, while the other parts of the complex remain hidden from direct sight.

The buildings are connected on the level of the representative part of the Embassy, which corresponds to the ground-floor level of the Residence, via a plateau in the heart of the complex. It features a lawn, a simple fountain and open space to host gatherings and celebrations outside.

Underneath the Residency, there is a plateau with a pool and trees, with a more private character, while the lowest part of the terrain is used to house the sports amenities. The whole complex is visible from the lower levels, as well as the specific relation of the buildings. Plateaus are mutually connected with stairs and paths, while the greenery dominates as the basic of the complex landscaping.  

Two entrances are envisioned from the Bill Crescent street, one pedestrian and one vehicular. The pedestrian entrance leads to the consulat and the plateau in front. From the vehicular entrance a ramp descends into the underground garage next to the Embassy and the parking canopy at the Residency. Additional parking spaces are available along the internal street/ramp.

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