Intergalactic Diner

The look of this american-style diner in Belgrade is inspired by the 50-ies and the age of rock’n’roll and the space race. All the well-known diner interior elements are there: black and white floor tiles, red-leather booths and seats, hanging light fixtures, neon decorations and inspiring wall and window writings. Even though the space is small in surface area, we created two seating areas. The booths next to the window, followed with lighting fixtures, create a linear ambient and are intended for couples or smaller groups. The red leather couch next to the entrance is coupled with non-fixed chairs and tables, to allow for flexibility in accommodation of customers. The toilet box is centrally places which meant it should get a special treatment. Inside the black and white tiles are on the walls and using well positioned mirrors the space is enlarged and distorted. The tiles on the floor are red to continue the color scheme of the whole restaurant. The large glass windows allow passers-by to look in, as well as the restaurant patrons to street-gaze. This feature especially comes to life in the evening when the bright lights of the neon logo and the busy inside of the establishment create a specific atmosphere that draws-in curious new customers.

Authori: Milena Zindović i Vanja Petrović

Izvedeno 2012. godine